butterfly con 2015

by Thrift Store Brassiere

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for when you're having Teen Feelings


there were so many scenes worth imagining that you had to refrain from
you knew you’d gone too far when you were thinking how you’d make them come
to their senses
in this case, call off your bets, kids
who knows if your pal even gets it
and what would they say if they knew?

well they won’t
you’ll act like everything is fine and just don’t
look in their eyes for too long and you’ll go
be perfect
they won’t know it
pack up and go it
just don’t blow it

but you want to touch them
you want your fingertips on their skin
to just memorize them
and not think of the trouble you’re in

butterflies hold conventions in your intestines


released September 14, 2015




Thrift Store Brassiere New Jersey

i'm jem eli and i've earned my name

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