future man (demo)

by Thrift Store Brassiere

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shoutout to my vegas boy


you're so hot you're cold, you're absolute zero
holy god, (what a young hero) •
mother may i? my brother i may
rise above every day
making love every day
you always worry bout what you don't know
when your "right now"'s my three hours ago, oh •
i'm your time traveler
you're rather divine
hello from the future, it all turns out fine

these locals aint got nothing
and i'm over here struggling
i'm done with their hands they're all pushing and pulling •
i'll keep my head up, all i need's my collarbones
they're all wanting million dollar homes and taller phones
ha! confidence plain, like your carriage
will there be a marriage? yes, there'll be a marriage •
of two raw ideas writhing, come alive-ing
i love you, baby, synthesizing and high-fiveing

now let me set the scene
i'm making it happen
i'm making it clean
growing up oak trees from bruises green
just a wayward teen and you dare to say i can't see it
but i guaruntee it
if there's something better to be, then i'll be it
i'll be a fire, a ravenous flame


released April 16, 2016




Thrift Store Brassiere New Jersey

i'm jem eli and i've earned my name

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