precious sophia pt. I

by Thrift Store Brassiere

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the last line is up to interpretation at this point


i've got an ice cream headache and i don't know what to say
give a turtle a piece of shrimp and it'll be his best day
i wish i was just like an aquatic reptile
easy to please, happy to stay

i pull on my sneakers and head out the door
i don't bother locking it anymore
my keys are in my pocket, i really should lock it
but what's so valued in there that i'm boarding up for?

welcome home, precious sophia
i'm off to pick up something, but later i'll see ya
forgive me, precious sophia
i'll be halfway across the world before i see you again


released September 15, 2015




Thrift Store Brassiere New Jersey

i'm jem eli and i've earned my name

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